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[DPRG] A very interesting set of robotic videos

Subject: [DPRG] A very interesting set of robotic videos
From: Doug Paradis paradug at gmail.com
Date: Tue Jan 13 21:53:53 CST 2015

    I learned about this set of videos from the SRS mailing list. The video
set covers a lot of material starting with the kinematics and odometry of
the  test robot and progressing to SLAM. The test robot is a track driven
differential drive. It main sensors are motor encoders, a LiDAR,
accelerators, and gyros. It communicates to a laptop via a wifi shield on
an Arduino. The material is presented in nice small blocks and supporting
python scrips are provided for download. It would not be too hard to make a
suitable equivalent test robot.

    I am impressed and suggest checking them out.

Author: Claus Brenner
Link to  first Video: http://youtu.be/sxu6_YnZca8

This video shows the course's intent.
Link to  overview video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2qzYCeT9oQ

Doug P.
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