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[DPRG] Meeting today

Subject: [DPRG] Meeting today
From: David Anderson davida at smu.edu
Date: Sat Mar 14 15:38:02 CDT 2015

Great DPRG meeting today.  Nice to see some old familiar faces (Ed, 
Jason, Dave, at al).

 From the slides Paul made available I believe Paul and Jason's 
presentation needs another session to cover the ROS and C++ programming 
and examples --- I have lots of questions --- as we were limited to 2:00 
this afternoon and ran out of time about 1/2 way though, or so it seemed 
to me.

I'd be happy to volunteer the next DPRG meeting, which I'm suppose to 
present on motor control, for that purpose if there is sufficient 
interest.  The motor control talk can happen almost any time, whereas we 
are in the midst of the ROS presentation now.  Just a thought.

Great job!

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