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[DPRG] DPRG Star Member and Contributor, Mike Dodson, has passed away

Subject: [DPRG] DPRG Star Member and Contributor, Mike Dodson, has passed away
From: Ron Grant deltagraph at aol.com
Date: Mon Mar 30 15:40:57 CDT 2015

 Steve, Great to be reminded and see the old pictures. Many great times!

I heard from Past DPRG Pres. Ed Okerson

Hey Ed, You were the first contact with Mike, that got DPRG in the
door at Mike's. is that right?
Thanks, Ron 
<Wanted to forward Ed's replay>

Yes Ron, that is correct. I was DPRG President at that time, and lived  in Garland. Mike and I used to frequently ride together to DPRG MeetingsandRobot Power Lunch at Collin Creek Mall. I was over at his office onedaywhen he went over to the warehouse for something and I walked overwithhim. At that time it was mostly filled with years of accumulatedunusedequipment. He complained that he needed to clean it up some day, soIasked if I could get DPRG to help clean it up, could we use some ofthespace. He got that strange Mike look on his face and said, "Let methinkabout that." I don't recall him thinking for very long, and at thenextDPRG meeting I asked for volunteers. The rest, as they say, ishistory.



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Besides giving the DPRG a home from 2002 through 2009, Mike was always
at RBNOs to help out with projects, lending us access to his
tools and donating
mechanical parts to projects. When the DPRG did a 1st
Saturday Sale in 2006,
Mike did an all-nighter with the rest of us. And
he joined DPRG members for a
welding class in 2008 and afterwards set up
an area where we could practice
welding at his place. RIP Mike.

We have a few photos of Mike in these
galleries on the DPRG site:

2006 1st Saturday

2002-2009 DPRG


On Mon,
2015-03-30 at 11:54 -0400, Ron Grant wrote:
> Dear DPRG members past and
> I am very sad to announce that one of our key contributing
> Mike Dodson, passed away on Saturday after a battle with cancer. 

> It was through the generosity of Mike and Judy Dodson that DPRG had a
Robot Builder's Night Out home from 2002 to 2009. Also, the location
> served
as a meeting place, a contest location for some of our
> Roboramas in addition
to housing the 24' Roborama course and platform
> for many years.
> It was
only when Mike and Judy closed their business, Modern
> Assemblies, in 2009
that DPRG had to find a new home that ultimately
> resulted in some of our
members being motivated to start-up The Dallas
> Makerspace.
> Mike was
very generous sharing his time, tools and talent and I
> consider myself very
lucky to have known Mike for the past 12 years
> and will miss him greatly.
He was a real friend and was always honest and up-front and encouraged
> that
kind of conduct in others. I could go on, but I know others are
> better able
to express themselves than me.   
> Please feel free to post your
recollections of Mike and our past DPRG
> home at 
> Modern Assemblies.
Ron Grant
> There will be a memorial service for Mike at the Williams
Funeral Home
> chapel, 1600 South Garland Ave, Garland, 3:30 PM Thursday, April
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