Outdoor Rover Expert Builder Panel – DPRG Virtual Monthly Meeting, Feb 13th, 2021

Meeting Video:

Chat Record:  Chat record (PDF)
Moderator’s slide deck:  Slide Deck (PDF)

This meeting kicks off DPRG’s 2021 focus on Outdoor Rovers.

DPRG has tentatively scheduled its 1st post Covid-19 Outdoor Competition for the 2nd Saturday of August 2021. To give everyone a quick start, the club has assembled a panel of very successful outdoor rover builders to discuss how to construct an outdoor rover. This is your chance to ask expert rover builders questions during an online interactive meeting.

In coming months DPRG will have additional presentations focused on rover related topics, and we’ll encourage builders to build.

Panel members are:

David Anderson, DPRG member and builder of Jbot, winner of RoboColumbus in 2014, 2015, 2016.

Scott Gibson, DPRG member and builder of B.U.R.P., winner of RoboColumbus in 2017.

Karim Virani, DPRG member and builder of RTK GPS rover BeachComber and rock-crawler rover Argos.

Jesse Brockmann,  Sparkfun Ambassador and builder of Jrover, winner of the 2016 (heavy) and 2017 (overall) Sparkfun AVC.


  • Each panelist will give a short intro / overview of their rover(s).
  • Moderator led questions. Submit questions that you want the panel to answer to Carl Ott, president(at)dprg.org.
  • Open Q&A


  • Saturday, February 13th.
  • Starting at 1:00 PM Dallas time (CST).


About DPRG Monthly Meetings

DPRG hosts presentations each month during its regular membership meeting. These meetings and presentations are open to public and free to attend. We hope to see you there. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Note: We do record a video of these sessions and post them on the DPRG YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/DPRGclips). By joining the meeting you’re giving consent to be included in the recording.

Autonomous Rover Robot with GPS RTK and Novel Control System – Monthly Meeting Topic – August 10th, 2019

Ross’s slide deck can be downloaded at: slidedeck (PDF)

Guest speaker Ross Melbourne will demonstrate his autonomous rover robot which uses GPS RTK for navigation, and a novel robot control system that employs Unity and Python. Ross’s robot control system has potential practical applications such as: robotic lawn care, security patrol robots, and autonomous delivery services. Ross’s talk will cover both the challenges and the lessons learned that he experienced while building the robot.

This is a great opportunity to see a sophisticated antonomous rover build.

The meeting is at the Dallas Maker Space and starts at Noon on Saturday, August 10th.