Donations and Contributions to DPRG

DPRG, a 501(C)(3) charitable organization, has been privileged to have been supported by several great companies and individuals in the form of donations and contributions. They have graciously provided this support because they believe in DPRG’s mission and want it to be successful. These gifts have been cash, gift certificates, robotic products, software licenses, surplus robotic items, electronic equipment, and tools.

DPRG tries to show its appreciation of this support by mentioning their sponsors and supporters on the club’s website, videos, and other opportunities that become available. DPRG can also fill a W9 form for companies or individuals that make contributions to the club.

DPRG divides entities that provide support to the club into four groups: sponsors, supporters, anonymous supporters, and friends.

  • Sponsors are corporate entities that provide support to the club in the form of a contribution of $1000 or more in cash within a year. Sponsors are listed in club materials unless they request not to be listed.
  • Supporters are corporate entities that provide support to the club in the form of a contribution of less than $1000, but more than $100, in cash or in donations of non-cash items within a year. Supporters are listed in club materials unless they request not to be listed.
  • Anonymous supporters are corporate entities that support the DPRG by making contributions based on their employees or retirees volunteer work for the club. These supporters are not listed in any of the club’s materials unless they request it.
  • Friends of DPRG are individuals that contribute cash or donate non-cash items to the club within a year. Friends of DPRG are not listed in any of the club’s materials.


DPRG’s website,, is the club’s primary way of mentioning sponsoring and supporting companies. DPRG does not sell ad placement on its website, only sponsors and supporters receive recognition.  Each webpage on the website has two locations where sponsors and supporters can be displayed.

The first and most prominent location is in the webpages banner. A sponsor’s company logo with a subtitle, ”DPRG Sponsor”, will share this one location with other sponsors. A sponsor will appear in this location based on a set ratio between all existing sponsors.  When someone goes to a new or different DPRG website page, the sponsor location in the banner is filled randomly (frequency set by the ratio). The ratio can be adjusted based on contributing factors.

The second location is on the right-hand side of each webpage under the title, “DPRG Supporters”, which lists all Supporters’ logos. Sponsors’ logos are also included in the list, that way they are always present on the page even if they are not displayed in the banner. The supporters and sponsors are ranked by contribution/donation value, length of contributions, frequency of contribution, and other factors.

Banner logos must be approximately 520×120 pixels. Logos under the DPRG Supporters area must be approximately between 200×50 and 200×80 pixels. Logo artwork must be provided by the logo owner. It may be resized or adjusted based on website requirements by DPRG.

Other ways that the club can show its appreciation for sponsors and supporters are the display of banners or posters provided by the sponsor or supporter, or with a list of contributors at events, and the inclusion of a list in club videos. Currently, the club makes over 50 videos a year.

(rev – 20240223-b)