Tee Shirts of the Past and Present

This is the earliest known DPRG tee shirt design. Cindy Rivers scanned the design for us.
Early tshirt

A tee shirt competition in 1997 resulted in members being presented with five designs. The boxed design was the winner.

97a 97b
97c 97d

In 1998, two new designs were proposed, but neither of these ever made it past the drawing board.

98a 98b

A special tee shirt was made for staff at the Roborama 2005a event by Dale Wheat. Only 8 shirts were made. For Robrama 2005b a gray tee shirt was made most likely for prizes. Lettering was placed on both the front and back of the shirt.



The tee shirt below was the club tee shirt between 2001 and 2008.

The tee shirt below dates from 2008. The shirt color is a very light gray (Ash) and has a pocket on the front. The design was created by Ron Grant.



In 2018, a new tee shirt variant of the 2008 design was made for club members. Ron Grant and Doug Paradis were responsible for this current design.

The shirt is available in both pocketed and non-pocketed variations. The front of the shirt was similar to the previous design’s front but included a blue Texas in the background. The text was adjusted to fit over the pocket. The back design removed the “www.” from the website, and the color of blue was changed from royal blue to Carolina blue to better match the present day logo. The shirt’s color is light gray (Ash).