DPRG Activities

RBNV - Robot Builders Night Virtual

Robot Builder's Night Virtual is a time set aside for you and  your follow robot builders to accomplish four things:

  • Meet with others that share your interest of robotics.
  • Ask questions and get advice on your project.
  • Gleam ideas to new possibilities and methods.
  • Improve your skills.

RBNV is held every Tuesday from ~7:30 PM to ~10:00 PM using a Google Hangout Meeting. How to join the meeting can be found under the News section. It is a very informal gathering. Most attendees will be working on their individual projects or exploring the world of hobby robot building. Every skill level is welcome.



DPRG conducts a robot competition about every 6 months. The competitions are designed to allow robot builders of all levels to compete. Some of the contests are very simple while others require a fair amount of skill to win. The rules for various contests can be found at contest rules. New contests are considered every year.

The contests that will be run at a given competition depends on discussion within the club several months before the event. Generally, an indoor competition is run in May, at the Dallas Maker Space and a outdoor competition is run in November at a chosen location. Sometimes an additional indoor competition is run also in November.

Watch the Competition tab of the website for details on the next competition.

Monthly Meetings

Periodically, the DPRG holds a monthly meeting either virtually or at the DMS. The meeting generally has a presentation on an interesting robotics topic, however sometimes an internal robot competition or workshop is held. You can check DPRG's News section to view the schedule. A video is made at most meetings, however the video may lag the meeting by a substantial time period.  A lot of members can not make RBNV, but attend the monthly meeting. If the meeting is virtual, do not go to the Dallas Maker Space.

Community Outreach

DPRG members reach out to the community by participating in activities at museums, mini maker fairs, and schools, usually in the form of robot demonstrations. Members also volunteer to judge at local FTC competitions.