RBNV – Robot Builders Night Virtual – April 23, 2024

Meeting Video:

Chat Record:  Chat record (PDF)
Star Rewards  (★ = significant robot progress, ⭐ = robot progress and running on floor):
Stars are awarded by group during the meeting.
Mike Williamson – ⭐
Doug Dodgen – ⭐

Robie’s Highlights:
• Mike W. showed progress on his version of Jon’s URC
• Doug D. Demonstrated his PiDog
• Jon H. Demonstrated his URC exchangeing data with robot simulator
• Mike W. Demonstrated his robot running 4-corners contest
• Pat C. Discussion on using buck converters to power TTmotors w/ Encoders
• Karim V. Explained his accident that distroyed his Oak-D camera
• Jon H. Showed IMU working on URC
• Doug P. Discussing usefullness of constant current load modules
• Discussion on BNO055, BNO-086, and BNO-088 IMUs


• April 23, starting at 7:30 PM Dallas time (CDT).
• Robot Builders Night Virtual (RBNV) meets each Tuesday evening.

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