Robot Simulator Progress / Web Meeting Broadcast Tools – DPRG Virtual Monthly Meeting, Sep 12th, 2020

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Join us on Saturday at 1:00 PM CDT, September 12th for two presentations, by DPRG members Ron Grant and Carl Ott.

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Part 1: LFS Client/Server Demo

Ron will demo fresh updates to his Line Following Simulator project. This is a rapidly evolving project which DPRG hopes to feature in its’ at-least-partly-virtual 2020 Fall Robot competition. This latest version has a client/server architecture, designed to better separate robot code from simulator code. This updated architecture should implicitly help robot builders create a better abstraction layer between their controller logic and the hardware platform. With any luck, and a little planning – you may even find it easy to port your abstract robot controller to a physical robot.

Back-story- Ron and Will shared a very capable but early version of this environment in DPRG’s 8 Aug meeting – watch it here:

And then, in a regular Tuesday night online chat, we all realized that it was the PERFECT tool for today’s COVID-19 world. Watch the concept crystallize here starting around 1:50:34:

Bottom line- we’re working to allow contestants to submit virtual robots to compete in a standard simulation environment this Nov/Dec. We may not be able to host a big crowd at the Dallas Maker Space, but we hope to attract competitors and groupies from all over the globe!

Part 2: Web Meeting Broadcast & Recording Tools

Stuck attending virtual meetings from home?
Looking for ways to jazz up and web-share something fancier than your desktop?
Want to create picture in picture, or mix cameras, screens and other media sources in real time?

Carl will demo several handy Open Source/ Freemium items for these virtual times,
• OBS: Open Broadcaster Software®️
• NDI Tools for Win/Mac, and companion mobile apps
• various plugins that help tie it all together…

About DPRG Monthly Meetings

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Note: We do record a video of these sessions and post them on the DPRG YouTube channel. By joining the meeting you’re giving consent to be included in the recording.

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