Robot Simulators: ColleliaSim and LFS Version 2 – DPRG Virtual Monthly Meeting, Oct 10th, 2020

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Link to Chris’s slide deck and 3PI simulation: Slide Deck and 3PI simulation link (github)

On October 10, 2020 at 1:00 CT, DPRG will host presentations on two robot simulators: ColleliaSim and LFS-2.

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ColleliaSim is a robot simulator that has its own IDE. Based on a distributed control architecture, ColleliaSim, allows each object/model to be controlled by several methods: embedded script, plugin, ROS or BlueZero node, remote API client or a custom solution. Controllers can be written in C/C++, Python, Java, Lua, Matlab or Octave. CoppeliaSim can be used for fast algorithm development, robotics related education, industrial automation simulations, and much more. Details can be found at

Chris Netter, a frequent attendee to DPRG’s Tuesday night RBNV virtual meeting, used ColleliaSim to simulate and develop his competition fire fighting robot. He will present an overview of ColleliaSim and discuss a simulation of the Pololu 3PI robot.

LFS-2 is a 2D line following simulator created by DPRG member, Ron Grant. Ron introduced LFS-1 earlier this year as a method for members to develop algorithms to solve line following courses. It  generated much interest, and the idea that DPRG could hold a virtual Line Following contest later this year. Ron took the inputs from DPRG members and has developed LFS-2. He will present the new look of LFS-2, the added features, and how to setup your robot to start experimenting. LFS-2 uses the Processing language, the parent of the Arduino IDE. Processing can be found at .

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