LFS Simulator Update and Installation: – DPRG Virtual Monthly Meeting, Nov 14th, 2020

Meeting Video:

Chat Record: Chat record – partial (PDF)


This month’s DPRG monthly meeting is an update and preparation session to help people get ready for the December 12th Virtual Robot Competition.

Line Following Simulator Update:

DPRG member and simulator creator, Ron Grant, will go over the new features in LFS, the line following simulator used in the competition. LFS now includes a new “Time Warp” feature that allows you to view your robot’s journey around the track many times faster than actual robot travel speed. This feature is very useful to determine the effects of a change in the robot’s tuning or algorithm. The simulator has an improved user interface that allows for configurable parameters to be changed using slider controls on the fly.  LFS also has several other enhancements, including the ability to “skin” your robot’s image into the simulator.

LFS Workshop – Get your simulator running & start coding:

The second part of the meeting will be a workshop on how to install the software and how to write a robot controller. You are encouraged to download Processing and LFS from the links below and participate in the workshop. If you get stuck you will be able to share your screen and get help during the meeting. LFS has 3 example robot controllers included that can get you started.

Processing:  https://processing.org/

LFS:  https://github.com/ron-grant/LFS

About DPRG Monthly Meetings

DPRG hosts presentations each month during its regular membership meeting. These meetings and presentations are open to public and free to attend. We hope to see you there. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Note: We do record a video of these sessions and post them on the DPRG YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/DPRGclips). By joining the meeting you’re giving consent to be included in the recording.

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