Officer Duties

Elected officers are elected by a quorum of the group membership annually.

President – Presides over all membership meetings of the group. Delegates work as needed to committees and other officers. Calls for and presides over at least one meeting of the officers each year. May hold office for no more than two consecutive terms but may be elected for additional non-consecutive terms.

Vice-President – Coordinates activities of any committees and performs work delegated by President. May hold office for no more than two consecutive terms but may be elected to additional non-consecutive terms.

Secretary – Takes minutes at all meetings of the DPRG officers. Normally takes minutes of the monthly membership meeting as well. There is a legal requirement to preserve meeting minutes of the officer meetings. Minutes of the regular membership meetings are desirable but not required. Meetings minutes should be emailed to the webmaster monthly so they may be incorporated into the website. The secretary normally posts summaries of DPRG meetings, contests, RBNOs, or other events to the mailing list. Performs other duties as delegate by the President.

Treasurer – Maintains budget. Makes recommendations to officers on financial matters. Monitors and audits funds collected and disbursed by the group. Makes a summary report of the group’s
financial status at least once each year at a meeting of the officers and once at a regular membership meetings. Maintains a record of group membership dues. Takes care of filing the 990-EZ with the IRS each year by May 15th. Maintain membership records on the website.

Librarian – Maintains books, hardware and software acquired by the group. Makes a periodic inventory of the library and other group assets to the treasurer and group members. Maintains record of loans of material from the library. Adminsters and maintains the other archived materials such as videos or photographs. Provides for safe storage for the library contents.


Appointed Officers

Appointed officers are appointed by the DPRG board of directors (the officers) annually at the first meeting of the year.

Webmaster – Maintains the content of the group website. A high-speed Internet connection, Perl programming experience, and Unix administration experience is currently required to hold
this office.

Postmaster – Performs moderation duties on the group mailing list and responds to email inquiries to the group. Note: managing the high volume of email involved with a web site and mailing list means dealing with email that may contain offensive language, foreign character sets, very large file attachments, MIME attachments, HTML, spam, or viruses. Microsoft Windows and
especially Microsoft Outlook users may have problems due to the unstable, insecure nature of the software. Linux or other Unix based systems are preferred but not required for this job.