DPRG Team wins Collidathon – Entrepreneurs IoT Hackathon

After DPRG  team’s success at the AT&T Hackathon, other DPRG members decided to try their hand in a similar event. They received their chance with Collidathon, an IoT hackathon event orientated towards entrepreneurs. The event was spread over two weekends (Jan 21 – Jan 29, 2017) and offered a spot in the Collide Village Incubation Program to the top 3 teams. Approximately 250 people initially participated in the event, and 14 teams were selected to advance to the second week of the competition. The DPRG team took first place in the competition, besting all other teams.

The team had to abandon their initial project idea after market analysis showed that idea to be in an area with many competitors. They joked that they would have to name their company “Red Ocean Security” due to all the chum in the water. Their second project idea turned out to be in a much less explored area, hence their company name of “Blue Ocean Technology” or BOT for short.

The team consisted of DPRG members: Carl Ott, Thomas Ericsson, Steve Edwards, and Jian Shi. Also on the team was Gary Ramsey (not in the picture above), who is not a DPRG member.

Learn more about Collidathon at http://www.collidevillage.com/collidathon/.



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