Help DPRG’s Robot Art Team!

DPRG has fielded a team in the robot art contest conducted by The submitted art pieces are the result of efforts by team members Doug Paradis, Ray Casler, and Steve Rainwater. Over the last several months, they have been diligently working at RBNO to create two art painting robots, artBot and drumArtBot.  ArtBot was used to produce Sumi-e art, while drumArtBot created a unique form of line art that appears similar to a modern art style.
Project Documentation:

The team needs your support!

The judging is partially determined by the number of votes collected on the web. Please go to, click on the Sign up to Vote button and follow the instructions. Select the Teams tab, find DPRG (or go to, and vote for all the DPRG art works. You can give each piece 3 votes. The way the voting works, all votes for a team are summed together.
The team thanks you!

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