RBNV Birthday and RoboColumbus Contest Details

RBNV’s Birthday

DPRG’s virtual meeting replacement for Robot Builder’s Night Out (RBNO), named Robot Builder’s Night Virtual (RBNV), has celebrated its first year anniversary. RBNV’s initial meeting was held on March 24th, 2020. The meeting has been very successful, joining hobby roboticists from many locations including New Zealand, Canada, and around the USA, to the DPRG community. The talent and creative projects of these new friends has been invigorating to the club. RBNV has also inspired the club’s 2021 team project of developing a standard API and robot for tele-presence.

August RoboColumbus Competition Details

The competition webpage on dprg.org has been updated with all the information concerning the upcoming RoboColumbus contest on August 21,2021. If you are interested in either competing or coming to watch the fun, it is a must read. The revised rules for this year’s RoboColumbus event allow RTK-GPS and have increased the weight limit to 65 pounds. You need to read the rules document for information on other changes. One interesting change is the new prize for anyone who achieves at least one point (i.e., drives within 10 feet of a cone). All contestants that score at least one point will receive a custom RoboColumbus coffee mug that will only be rewarded for this event. The custom  mug for contestants that achieve a score of nine will receive a special mug that has the message “Perfect Score” added to the design. The top three places will also receive an additional prize.

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