RBNV – Robot Builders Night Virtual – April 2, 2024

Meeting Video:

Chat Record:  Chat record (PDF)
Star Rewards  (★ = significant robot progress, ⭐ = robot progress and running on floor):
Stars are awarded by group during the meeting.
MiKe Williamson – ⭐
Doug Paradis – ★

Robie’s Highlights:
• Eclipse Discussion.
• Mike Williamson demo of data fusing ToF array sensor wall distance info and odemetry.
• Discussion on addressing multiple I2C devices with same address.
• Karim Virani discussed efforts to revive one of the large rover robots purchased surplus last year.
• Doug Dodson showed the ‘leather armor’ robot holder vest for his Robodog.
• Discussion on new non-wheeled class in Quick Trip competition this June 1.
• Doug P. showed extraction of line following path from tile using Maix Bit Camera.
• Discussion on basic beginner low cost robot used in prior DPRG beginner classes.


• April 2, starting at 7:30 PM Dallas time (CST).
• Robot Builders Night Virtual (RBNV) meets each Tuesday evening.

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