Roborama – 2022, Video and Results

DPRG held its first non-virtual robot competition since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic on June 18, 2022. The pandemic brought many bad things, but one good outcome was the many friends that the club gained in its weekly virtual meetings. This year’s competition included a method for competitors which do not live in Dallas area to compete by submitting YouTube videos on the day of the contest of robot runs at their location. It worked very well. We hope to grow the number of remote competitors in future competitions.


• 4 Corners Local: 1st Scott Gibson (1-5/8″), 2nd Doug Paradis (2-1/4″). 3rd Carl Ott (4″)
• 4 Corners Remote: 1st Pat Caron (1-1/8″),
• 4 Corners Spinning/Pirouette Demo Local: 1st David Anderson (16-1/2″), 2nd Carl Ott (94″)
note: Local course was 9′ per side, Remote course was 8′ per side.

• 6-Cans: 1st Scott Gibson (6 cans – 1:52), 2nd Ray Caster (6 cans – 2:30), 3rd Jack Jones (6 cans – 5:30)

Next Competition

RoboColumbus, an outdoor autonomous rover contest, will be held in October of 2022. See competition tab for details.

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