DPRG’s Meetings

RBNO - Cancelled (see RBNV below)

Robot Builder's Night Out is a time set aside for you and  your follow robot builders to accomplish four things:

  • Meet with others that share your interest of robotics.
  • Ask questions and get advice on your project. 
  • Gleam ideas to new possibilities and methods.
  • Improve your skills.

RBNO is held every Tuesday from ~6:30 PM to 10:00 PM at the Dallas Maker Space.  It is a very informal gathering. Most attendees will be working on their individual projects. To get the most out of your visit, it is best to bring your own project or robot. 


While the COVID-19 virus emergency is occuring, DPRG has virtualized RBNO. The new online video conference version of RBNO is called RBNV for "Robot Builders Night Virtual". RBNV uses google meeting to allow members and guests to chat and listen to mini-presentations.  During the crisis, RBNO will not be held at the Dallas Maker Space. The following format is used during the meeting to prevent chaos.

  • Each attendee is given a few minutes to update their projects.
  • Ad-hoc mini-presentation (arranged during the meeting for the next meeting, based on interest).
  • Kibitzing of problems that people are having on their projects.

RBNV occurs on Tuesday at 7:30 PM (CST). There is a post made each week available from the home page by clicking the RBNV image (or in the News section of the website) providing details of how to join the video conference call.

Monthly Meeting

Every 2nd Saturday of the month at Noon in the DMS, the DPRG holds a monthly meeting. The meeting generally has a presentation on an interesting robotics topic, however sometimes an internal robot competition or workshop is held. You can check DPRG's News archive to view past meetings. A video is made at most meetings, however the video may lag the meeting by a substantial time period.  A lot of members can not make RBNO, but attend the monthly meeting.


DPRG's monthly meeting has gone virtual during the coronavirus crisis. Watch the News section of the site to get the details on how to join in on the meeting. Do not go to the Dallas Maker Space