RBNV – Robot Builders Night Virtual – March 31, 2020

Meeting video:

Carl’s “Additional VS Code notes”:



What: Virtual RBNO meeting.

•  March 31th  at 7:30 pm Dallas time (CST)
•  Continuing each Tuesday evening until the crisis is over and the Dallas Makerspace reopens.

•  Join Hangouts Meet https://meet.google.com/txt-icwv-qgc
•  Join by phone +1 662-472-1236‬ PIN: ‪206 934 807‬#

•  Talk robots & related stuff.
•  Keep going while we’re stuck at home.
•  Make it easier for people to attend DPRG remotely on Tuesday, RBNO’s normal time.

Agenda:  RBNV – March 31th

•  Round Table – everybody spends a couple minutes telling what projects they’re working on as we’re all stuck at home

  Ad-hoc Presentations –

•  Clay
• •  “My robot makes movies”- How to capture frames at high speed then stitch them together into mp4 video.
• •  How to make your Raspberry Pi file system show up as a directory on your computer.
• •  “Where would you steer?”- A short survey of robot camera images to study how the average person would respond if they were steering.

•  Carl
• •  More Tips & Tricks using Microsoft VS Code for robot projects.
• • •  Features that help write code better.
• • •  Use VS Code on your laptop to edit & compile code on a Raspberry Pi across a network connection.

•  Whoever else would like to show & tell.

Note 1:  We do record a video of these sessions and post them on the DPRG YouTube channel. By joining the meeting you’re giving consent to be included in the recording.

Note 2:  Our first Robot Builders Night Virtual was well received last week. We had 8 or 10 participants and healthy discussion on a variety of topics. We also found that a participant had some robot battery power budget questions – so we scheduled a sidebar session and helped with that…

Link to last week’s RBNV and Carl’s instructions to using VS can be found at,  last week’s RBNV.

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